Welcome to our furniture website.  My name is Tim Watts and on this site you can view information about my company, Tennessee Chair and the many wood products that we offer. 
Tennessee Chair, which began in 1979, specializes in quality hardwood furniture.  Our product line includes dining tables and chairs, hutches, barstools and bedroom furniture.  Of course, our reputation throughout the southeast has been built around the comfort of our hand-made rocking chairs. We offer rockers in many different styles for not only adults but for children as well.  While most of our chairs are constructed from white ash, one can choose to have their chair built from black walnut, red oak, wild cherry, poplar or wormy maple. 
We are based in Readyville, Tennessee.  This location affords us the availability of many native hardwoods ideal for furniture construction.  We thank God for His many blessings - especially the chance to live and enjoy the free enterprise system.  We attribute any success to the Master Builder and to all our wonderful customers.  So come along, enjoy the site and remember this - "TENNESSEE HAND-MADE - NUFF SAID"!!!!!!

email - tennchairco@juno.co
Phone # 615-890-1141
We personalize for you!!!!.